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Project Management

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With rich experience in Project Management, MDEC is capable of controlling every phase of a project no matter how difficult the challenge is.

You will achieve the best result for your project (in terms of time, cost and quality) by utilizing our Project Management Services, from the very beginning, to have a positive impact on the project during the design phase followed by tendering and finally during construction till the project delivery.

We provide Project Management Services for both the public and private sectors, and for a wide range of projects being residential, commercial, highrise, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, transportation, renewable energy and others.

Our Project Management Services includes the following:

  • Review the existing scope of work for the project
  • Finalize project scope in consultation with the client and appointed designer
  • Define scope for each construction or procurement package and interface points with other packages
  • Monitor compliance to agreed scope of work by stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain project ‘Master Schedule’.
  • Develop summary level schedule for each construction or procurement package.
  • Review and approve consultant(s) and contractor(s) detailed schedules.
  • Monitor progress against project Master Schedule and issue monthly updates.
  • Monitor progress of consultant(s) and contractor(s) against their approved schedules.
  • Monitor submittals timely processing by project A/E.
  • Monitor resource deployment against approved manpower histogram.
  • Prepare and issue monthly progress status reports to the client.
  • Obtain, review, approve, monitor design consultant’s deliverables list.
  • Meeting frequently with the design consultant to monitor progress of the detailed design works and follow up on issues.
  • Review design and plans produced by the designer to ensure complete scope is covered.
  • High level review of design constructability.
  • Review of design for cost optimization.
  • Obtain feedback and approval from client on design and plans submitted by the designer.
  • Facilitate design review workshops at appropriate design stages.

As part of execution planning, MDEC develops a contracting and work packaging strategy for each project, which will be used to procure all works required to complete the project. All or some of the following tasks shall be performed to ensure selection and appointment of contractors for each package.

  • Short listing of firms in consultation with the client.
  • Solicitation of Interest and Prequalification of Contractors.
  • Review and approve RFQs and contracts documents developed by designer.
  • Prepare RFPs/RFQs for various contract packages.
  • Finalize a Bid Slate for each bid package in consultation with the client.
  • Send out RFP/ RFQs to get bids for design or construction packages and respond to clarification requests.
  • Evaluate bid proposals and make award recommendations to the client.
  • Support the client in price negotiation during award process.
  • Preparation of different contract agreements and conditions for design and engineering, supervision consultancy and construction works.
  • Contract interpretation and contractual correspondence with consultant(s) and contractor(s) appointed on the project.
  • Evaluation of claims for time extension and extra cost.
  • Assist the client in contract close out.
  • Review existing project budget allocated by the client.
  • Review Cost Estimates prepared by the Design Consultant.
  • Recommend budget adjustments based on design development, market conditions, value of awarded contracts and additional requirements.
  • Review project variations cost estimate prepared by contractor and supervision consultant.
  • Assist the client in developing project budget.
  • Implement cost control program; prepare and update project cash flow.
  • Evaluate proposals for potential cost savings by contractor (if any).
  • Review payment certificates of consultants and contractors.
  • Evaluate and negotiate with contractor(s) cost proposals for variations and claims.
  • Monitor and control; mobilization & demobilization, overtime of supervision consultant staff.
  • Review and approve contractor’s project organization and proposed key staff.
  • Monitor performance of construction supervision consultant.
  • Monitor contractor progress against approved schedule.
  • Monitor resource deployment against approved manpower schedule.
  • Monitor submission and approval of shop drawings.
  • Monitor submission and approval of Material submittals.
  • Monitor against approved schedule placement of orders, manufacturing and delivery of long lead materials and engineered items.
  • Attend weekly progress meetings for construction packages.
  • Monitor submission and approval of Safety Plan and Method Statements.
  • Conduct safety inspections / audits to assure compliance to approved safety plan.
  • Monitor submission and approval of Project Quality Plan and ITPs.
  • Monitor submittal of operation and maintenance manuals, equipment warranties from contractor and verify receipt by client prior to substantial completion and contract close out.
  • Review and approve contractor’s plan for temporary site facilities.
  • Assist the owner in overall management of project construction in:
  • Management of separate construction packages and coordination of works and monitor performance of separate contractor(s) if applicable
  • Review and recommendation of subcontractors or material vendors
  • Assist the client in administration of contract(s) changes
  • Assist the client in the management of substantial completion.
  • Monitor implementation of Quality Plan by A/E consultants and contractors through periodic audits.
  • Review quality requirements for construction contracts.
  • Review and approve contractor’s quality plan and monitor its implementation. (Supervision consultant is mainly responsible for quality control).
  • Obtain factory test and site test records for equipment and submit to client for record and reference.
  • Quality assurance through random and planned audits to assure compliance to approved quality plan and ITPs
  • Identify critical interface points between project stakeholders (designer, contractors, local authorities, etc.).
  • Monitor and manage interface between contractors.
  • Convene and chair special interface meetings if necessary.
  • Establishing and managing the project communication mechanisms including project meetings and reporting processes;
  • Establishing and managing the approval mechanisms (Responsibility Matrix) for various sign-off requirements and identifying those with appropriate authority;
  • Advising on and managing government and statutory approvals;
  • Convene reporting meetings with project’s stakeholders (Client, Consultant, Contractors … etc.) as needed;
  • Preparation of regular progress reports on project issues including costs relative to budget and progress relative to project;
  • Ensuring that all team members understand their roles and responsibilities and ensuring their on-going commitment to the project.
  • Controlling project related documentation.
  • Maintain history of revisions for drawings and documents.
  • Track and record submittals and approval dates.
  • Compile complete set of As-Built Drawings, Operation and Maintenance manuals and manufacturers’ warranty certificates.
  • Identify risks
  • Perform qualitative risk analysis
  • Create a risk register
  • Update Risk Register periodically
  • Feasibility Study: Develop feasibility studies for all kind of projects;
  • Constructability Analysis: Review of design for constructability by a specialist (other than assigned Project Team).
  • Specialized Risk Management: Comprehensive risk assessment by a specialized Risk Management Specialist (If requested by client).
  • Value Engineering Workshops: Review designs to optimize the life cycle cost and performance of the project facilities, by a value engineering specialist.
  • Legal and Specialist Advice on Claims: Review by lawyers and claim specialists, if needed
  • Dispute Avoidance & Resolution
  • Logistics & Construction Services Management
  • Project Audit & Assessment
  • Medical Planning & Programming